How to delete my account on Kogama

It is not possible to delete an account on Kogama, but you can make it invisible. The account won't be there for other players to see anymore. You can do it directly in the game, but you must send us a message with the username and email address you used to register on Kogama. Then we will make your account invisible.

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    Leslie Kelley

    I would like the account lol cheesecake made invisible...when it was created it did not ask for an email address! I have noticed that someone is typing in the chats that is not me! I need to remove this account due to being hacked!

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    _ Victѳr _


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    theo francose


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    help me i cant login im with another account now but i cant login! to my real account my accounts name:Nick-Man. i forgot to verify email! andi purchased a 40000 gold 1000000 xp and badget king of kogama oh and the emojies i got nothing but only 20000 gold :( halp #HelpMeInKogama! Kogama is love Kogama is life!!! and give me 20000 Gold back :)