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I’d like to sell in item in the marketplace but I don’t know how to do it.



  • Santeripe

    These instructions are not clear at all, let me explain:

    1. Right click on the model you want to sell
    2. Click "Add to inventory"
    3. Now press i on your keyboard or the inventory button on your screen
    4. Press "Next" until you see the model you added to your inventory
    5. Put your mouse over the model and you will see an i on the corner
    6. Click the i and go to the tab "Sell"
    7. Write what you want the model's price in Silver to be
    8. Write what you want the model's name to be and the description
    9. Press "Sell", and voilà, your model is on the marketplace for other people to buy!
  • Mohamed Ahnaf

    how can i do it it's to hard

  • ^_^bruh

    i needed to show this to my kogama friend so he could know




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