KoGaMa rules and safety tips

Hello KoGaMians!


Thank you for being part of the KoGaMa world. It wouldn’t be the same without you!

We’re all here to have fun as we play and create a community together. That’s cool, but this is the internet…there’s always a few people who might try to spoil our community by misbehaving.
We in the KoGaMa team are always working hard to make sure no one can mess with your gaming experience.
We take action against players who misbehave. The use of profanity, disrespecting other players, and playing with inappropriate items are all examples of behavior that are not tolerated.
It’s important you’re aware of how we look out for your security, so please read these KoGaMa Kommandments that we’ve prepared to protect you.


The following behavior is NOT allowed:
• Buying or selling inappropriate and illegal items via the in-game store.
• Inappropriate and illegal gambling.
• Uploading inappropriate avatars.
• Any inappropriate language.
• Any inappropriate username or profile.
• Spamming or flooding in the comments.
• Bullying or purposefully causing offense to any player or administrator.
• Trying to deceive other players, such as offering gold cubes or asking for their password.


We don’t like punishing people, but sometimes we have to do it.
In all of the above cases – except the second point – we’ll warn the player before we take action. If the player persists in their bad behavior they’ll be banned from KoGaMa for 3 days. If they break any rule again, we’ll take action, depending on their number of offenses, according to the following guidelines:

1st offense) A warning
2nd) Banned for 3 days
3rd) Banned for 1 week
4th) Banned for 2 weeks
5th) Banned for 1 month
6th) Banned for 1 ½ months (45 days)
7th) Banned for 2 months
8th) Banned for a real long time

We use a different scale for players who are creating inappropriate projects. In these cases, the player is banned without a warning. Here’s the scale:
1st offense) Banned for 1 week
2nd) Banned for 1 month
3rd) Banned for 4 months
4th) Banned for a really really long time
If you want to report someone, or if you need to know why someone was banned, just contact our support team.


Some tips for your safety:
• NEVER give your email and password to other people in the game. The KoGaMa team will never ask for your password in any circumstances.
• There is no way to make KoGaMa gold cubes on any other site or with another player. You should avoid this, and any other kind of scam or cheating by other players.
• Forgot your password? Go to your profile section for a reminder. You can also change your login here.


We hope you have an awesome time playing KoGaMa!

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    Hello Kogama Today I Got Banned I Don't Know Why So Can You Tell Me Why Please ?

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    Elias6ls7br SWATM

    Hello! My Kogama has a problem, he's not joining the community maps! Could you tell me why this is happening? My name in Kogama is: Elias6ls7br SWATM and it's in Kogama Brazil