What are Kogama’s keyboard commands?

Click “Help” on the top menu and then select the “Hotkeys” tab. There you will find all the available keyboard shortcuts to play and edit your projects.

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    <T/Enter> Show Chat

    <M> Menu

    <O> Toggle Fullscreen Mode

    <A> Turn Left

    <D> Turn Right

    <W> Walk Forward

    <S> Walk Backwards

    <Space> Jump

    <K> Respawn

    <Left Mouse> Fire Weapon

    <Q> Drop currently equipped weapon

    <PgDown> Move Workplane Down

    <PgUp> Move Workplane Up

    <TAB> Show Players

    <P> Play Mode

    <P> Edit Mode

    <1> Edit Cube

    <2> Delete Cube

    <3> Paint Cube

    <G> Toggle Grid Snap Size

    <F> Toggle Workplane

    <H> Toggle Vanity Item

    <L> Toggle Show Logic Cubes

    <R> Change Cube Material

    <I> Open Inventory

    <N> Create New Model

    <V> Focus on selected object