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What are Kogama’s keyboard commands?


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  • Santeripe

    <T/Enter> Show Chat

    <M> Menu

    <O> Toggle Fullscreen Mode

    <A> Turn Left

    <D> Turn Right

    <W> Walk Forward

    <S> Walk Backwards

    <Space> Jump

    <K> Respawn

    <Left Mouse> Fire Weapon

    <Q> Drop currently equipped weapon

    <PgDown> Move Workplane Down

    <PgUp> Move Workplane Up

    <TAB> Show Players

    <P> Play Mode

    <P> Edit Mode

    <1> Edit Cube

    <2> Delete Cube

    <3> Paint Cube

    <G> Toggle Grid Snap Size

    <F> Toggle Workplane

    <H> Toggle Vanity Item

    <L> Toggle Show Logic Cubes

    <R> Change Cube Material

    <I> Open Inventory

    <N> Create New Model

    <V> Focus on selected object


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