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Is it safe?



  • Santeripe

    You can trust me, it's safe! I have bought over 50,000 gold and there has never been any security issues and the Gold was transmitted to my account in a minute!

  • Luizjunior2000

    n é seguro n comprei gasto meus creditos e n recebi os cubos de ouro

  • Chloe

    Does this affect your credit card and can money possibly taken out of your credit card?

  • Katelyn

    Hey Kogama umm you need to fix the free gold thing in games cause when i click it it gives me a video but after it doesn't give me gold cubes! i really feel like i's a scam but i know you wouldn't do scams, me and other people are copying and pasting stuff about scams so people of this Kogama community don't fall for it, i say the same for creepypasta 😯😯😯😯😯ಥ_ಥ

  • Harlan Phillips

    My account got hacked/stolen for almost a year or longer but I resolved that but the person who hacked me must have cheated because now i am banned my user is almost hero and my email is please help


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