The game isn't working! What can I do?

To play Kogama, you need to install the free plugin “Unity Web Player”. After installing this, please try again.

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    Errors & fixes:

    Error: Please download Unity Web Player
    Fix: You must have Unity Web Player to play Kogama games, the download is 100% safe and free!

    Error: Unsupported browser
    Fix: Please use Firefox or Chrome. Download link to Chrome: And click "Download Chrome"

    Error: Blue screen with no text or nothing happening, all games are empty
    Fix: Wait for the admins to fix the problem, this usually occurs while updating the game or when the game server crashes.

    I hope this helped you, if you have further questions leave me a reply!

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    dayshine the human ninja kitty

    Santeripe you may be correct. i also sometimes had errors and i crash sometimes but luckily i download both Unity Web Player And Chrome so you did a really great comment ^^

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    Michael Meeks

    My Game won't publish!