How do I edit my avatar?




  • Santeripe

    You can press the animation button to see what your avatar looks like when you're in game jumping and running around. You can press the button that looks like a camera to take a screenshot other people will see in your profile.

  • Guido

    and click on the little cloud to sell your avatar :)

  • Micky Lee

    if you want to reset your avatar, click the clog button and then click reset avatar

  • hakim


  • YukiSayaan

    Can't change username? ;u;

  • Nick-Man.

    help me i cant login im with another account now but i cant login! to my real account my accounts name:Nick-Man. i forgot to verify email! andi purchased a 40000 gold 1000000 xp and badget king of kogama oh and the emojies i got nothing but only 20000 gold :( halp #HelpMeInKogama! Kogama is love Kogama is life!!! and give me 20000 Gold back :)

  • Veeti

    I can't create World!

  • Veeti

    I'cant create World and make avatar! (Building games or editing your avatar is not supported on mobile.)

  • SoPredictable

    So i bought an avatar from marketplace and i changed it so if i click to reset it will it be one i originaly bought or starting avatar that boy with blue shirt? Pls help me...

  • Anonym Dontask

    @SoPredictable Don't worry, it will be as it was when you bought it, not a block boy.

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